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From Spills new PSP Port Details

A few tidbits on the new versions of Tecnhu, Armored Core and Shinsengumi


Last week, From Software revealed its big teaser countdown site to be a bunch of ports of PS2 games to the PSP. Today, the company shared one screenshot each and some new details on the games.

Tenchu 3 was already detailed in the original story, as it currently has its own official site. A release is set for August. The original was known overseas as Tenchu Wrath of Heaven.

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Joining Tenchu 3 will be Tenchu Kurenai (known overseas as Tenchu Fatal Shadows). From hasn't said anything about this yet except that it will be renewed for the PSP. A release is set for January 2010.

Armored Core 3 has also been detailed in the past, as it was announced before this new "Portable" series of titles. The game offers 16x9 support, a new menu interface, ad-hoc combat, and the addition of parts from older Armored Core games. A release is set for July 30.

For Silent Line Portable and Last Raven Portable, all From will say is that the games will feature new elements that one would expect of a PSP game. Silent Line will be able to make use of save data from Armored Core 3. Last Raven will make use of save data from the other two. The games are due, respectively, in November 2009 and March 2010.

The odd one out from the bunch is Fu-un Shinsengumi Bakumatsuden Portable. This action/adventure game was originally released for the PS2 through Genki, but From Software has apparently acquired the rights. The PSP version features 16x9 resolution and promises new elements. A release is set for December.

All games in the series are priced at 3,990 yen.

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