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Why People Buy Wii VS Why People Buy PS3

Net Asia comes to some conclusions you might have already guessed about Wii and PS3 buyers.


Tokyo-based market research firm Net Asia shared the results today for a recent survey regarding consumer patterns for Wii and PS3 purchases.

The firm queried people throughout Japan from May 7 through May 11 via a mobile-based survey. The survey reached 800 male and female participants between the ages of 10 and 40 who said that they own a game system in their home and play games.

Of the 800, 28.0% said they own only a Wii. The average age for this response was 32 years. Only 5.6% own both the Wii and PS3, with the average age for this response being 29. PS3-only owners amounted to just 4.3%, average age 26.

Wii owners claimed to have longer game histories than PS3 owners. Asked how long they've been playing games, 40.2% of those who had responded Wii-only to system ownership listed 20 years and up. Only 23.5% of PS3-only owners checked the 20 years and up mark. (to interject here, I imagine this is to be expected given the average age difference between the two parties).

As one might expect, Wii owners appear to be more family-oriented in their gaming. Of the 269 people who claimed to own a Wii, 78.4% said that they most often play with their family, ahead of the 46.5% who said they play alone. PS3 was the reverse. 77.5% listed alone while 47.5% listed family.

People appear to differ in their reasons for purchasing a Wii versus purchasing a PS3. For the 269 Wii owners, 52.0% said their reason for purchasing the system was because it had a game they wanted to play. 45.4% cited a desire to increase family communication as the reason. 39.0% were interested in trying out the new type of game control. 37.5% wanted to use the system as a health tool.

Amongst the PS3's 79 owners, 81.3% said their purchase was made because the system had a game they wanted. 66.3% said they wanted to experience the system's beautiful or intense visuals. 52.5% cited the included Blu-ray player as reason for the purchase.

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