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Today on WiiWare

Details on Arkanoid, Muscle March, and two new puzzlers.


Four games hit WiiWare today. Three are puzzle games. One is a puzzling game.

Here's a look at the four new releases:


3℃ (pronounced, in Japanese, "Sando") is a falling blocks puzzle game from Kemko and developer Cool & Warm. You point and click at clumps of like-colored particles, which then disappear. Your goal is to make the largest set of particles disappear. After a fixed set of clicks, more particles pour into the play field. The game ends when the field becomes filled up with particles.

The game is already available on cell phones. You can try out a web version here.

The WiiWare version includes GAME A mode, where you simply attempt to clear particles from the stage and must also deal with special particles like bombs and rainbows; GAME B mode, where you try out stages featuring strangely shaped play fields; Classic mode, which mirrors the web version in that it lacks the special particles of the other modes; and Quick Shot, where the play field continually fills up with particles.

Multiplayer includes an offline two player competitive split screen mode using Game A and Quick Shot rules. The game also includes an online ranking mode that can be viewed at national and regional levels.

Pricing for 3℃ is set at a somewhat rare 700 WiiPoints.

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Arkanoid Plus!

This entry in Taito's classic arcade series offers the original 1986 arcade game through a 61 stage arcade mode and also adds in an original VS Mode offering play against either the CPU or a human opponent, and a time limit mode which requires that you clear a stage in a given time limit. Pricing for the main game is 800 Wii Points. An add-on stage pack consisting of an additional 61 stages runs 200 Wii Points.

Hamekomi Lucky Puzzle Wii

This puzzle game comes from Try First, a Yukes group company. The rules are simple. Given a cleared out shape and a set of 7 pieces, your goal is to put all the pieces into the shape.

The main Puzzle Mode of play includes around 290 puzzles playable with no time limit. A Speed mode is also available, requiring that you clear partially completed puzzles as fast as possible. A split screen versus mode is included for two player competitive play. For parties, the game includes a Party Quiz mode where you attempt to guess the name of shapes. All modes are playable simultaneously by four players.

Hamekomi Lucky Puzzle Wii is available at 500 WiiPoints. A DS version was released through Yukes in late 2007.

Muscle March

I've already done a general introduction to this bizarre Namco Bandai arcade-to-Wii adaptation. Check out the official site for a CM, and this gallery for 80 screens.

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