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Sega Details Virtual On Title Update

Online battle viewer, new graphical effects, and more on the way for first major update.


The Virtual On development blog was updated on schedule today. You'll be disappointed if you were hoping for another update on the Twin Sticks peripheral. Instead, Sega provided something perhaps even better: details on the game's first title update!

While it previously appeared that the first title update would be a bug fixer, it turns out that Sega had something a bit more substantial in mind. The update adds in a few pieces of new functionality.

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Perhaps the biggest of the updates is an online match viewer, something that the blog's writer, producer Toru Murayama, says has been requested by a number of fans. Online matches will be viewable exclusively by those in your Xbox Party Lobby during player matches. Of course, everyone -- those fighting and those watching -- can take part in voice chat.

This feature, Murayama admits, is something that the development team had been looking into even during the game's development, but was held off due to concerns that the need to exchange data with players outside of the two combatants would have a negative effect on gameplay. In the end, a programmer on the development team (this is apparently a person who started work on Oratan on his own) was able to come up with an implementation for the feature that did not sacrifice response time.

Team VOOT (I wish I had a development team that could call itself that!) has also implemented some optional graphical changes. The changes affect the VR shadows and weapon lighting effects and can be toggled on and off in the settings menu.

Sega shared a couple of sample images to show the difference.

Left is before, right is after. Click on the images to expand.
Left is before, right is after.

Other changes include rumble for a few additional areas of play, the addition of a few convenient control options for Customize Mode, and some control adjustments.

These and other updates are undergoing checks internally at Sega before being sent for final approval at Microsoft. The blog does not have a final distribution date for the update.

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