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Go Here for Saturday's Idol Master Announcement

Nico Nico opens up a page for the live broadcast.


Swine flu worries aside, it looks like Namco Bandai is going ahead with the Tokyo leg of its Idol Master 4th Anniversary Party Special Dream Tour's!! concert. This means that whatever big series development producer Yozo Sakagami was hinting at last week will be announced.

As mentioned by Sakagami in a mock interview following the Nagoya showing of the concert on the 18th, Namco Bandai is hard at work on a sequel for the series. But completely separate from that, Sakagami promised a major announcement at the Tokyo leg of the tour on the 30th.

For those who can't attend the 6,500 yen per seat concert, Nico Nico will be doing a live broadcast of the proceedings. Today, the video site posted a notice about the broadcast (this is actually why I'm writing this story). According to the notice, the broadcast will take place on the 30th starting at 20:00 and lasting 30 minutes.

What will be announced? My theory is that it will be the DS version of the game, which recently appeared in a retail database. I have a feeling that this DS version is separate from the sequel that was announced last week (rather than "feeling," this is actually more of a "hope" -- I want my idols to return to HD darnit!).

If a DS version is indeed scheduled to be announced, expect information to leak out in advance over the coming days through flying get magazine reports.

Those wanting to view the broadcast can access the broadcast page here. As always with Nico Nico, free registration is required.

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