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Kojima Pro Site Updated, Big Boss Appears

P to the R to the Big Boss and Raiden!


The Kojima Productions teaser site countdown struck zero today at 10:00 as scheduled. Sure enough, the countdown lead to another countdown, this one on track to end on June 1, early morning at 7:00.

The storm has grown more violent, and a "P" and "R" have joined the small group of letters that appear when thunder flashes:

Oh, and there's also this:

That's right, it's Big Boss! The mystery deepens.

There are already a few leaked Famitsu flying get images out there showing this new title to indeed be a new Metal Gear Solid game. Images in the magazine show not just Big Boss, but Raiden. Kojima is interviewed in the magazine, but a good chunk of the text is censored out.

The tease continues.

Past letters continue to appear at the site.

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