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Square Enix's Second Xbox Live Arcade Title Hits Today!

Happy background music awaits at Yosumin official site.


Square Enix's next Xbox Live Arcade title arrived today. 360 owners can download Yosumin Live for 800 Microsoft Points. A Windows version, titled just Yosumin, is also available through Steam and Big Fish Games at $19.99 (other download sites will be added in the near future).

Yosumin is a block-based puzzle game where you attempt to make blocks, known as Yosumin, disappear. To do this, you find four like-colored pieces that form the vertices of a rectangle. Select the corners of this rectangle, and all internal pieces will disappear.

Modes of play include Endless Yosumin, Battle Yosumin against the computer, Online Battle Yosumin against opponents throughout the world, and Local Battle Yosumin for offline play.

It appears the PC version has exclusive access to Yosumin! Adventure, a story mode where you attempt to recover stained glass that has been scattered throughout the world.

Check out the Yosumin official site for a look at the game set against some happy background music. The site is available in both English and Japanese.

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