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Nintendo Trademarks Wii Fit Plus

Sequel on the way for the reason 40% of Japanese Wii owners bought the system.


Did you know that almost 40% of Wii owners bought the system for use as a health tool? It's true... well, at least among the 269 Wii owners in a recent Net Asia survey.

With over 3 million in domestic sales, Wii Fit stands along side Wii Sports as the biggest draws for Nintendo's system over here. And just as Wii Sports is getting a sequel in Wii Sports Resort, it looks like Wii Fit won't be too far behind.

The trademark trackers at Siliconera came upon the above logo in a Japanese trademark database.

The trademark doesn't shed any details on what Wii Fit Plus is, but Wii Fit is one game that shouldn't be too hard to follow up on by adding additional events and exercises. Best of all, Nintendo could probably charge a lot less for it unless they did something boneheaded like developed a new, required, Balance Board for the title.

So will Wii Fit Plus be announced at E3? Or will Japan get the priority here as it did with the original title? I predict all will be clarified in six days or less.

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