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Smash Bros. Director Makes Made in Ore Mini Game

See how Masahiro Sakurai creates Project Sora's first game.


Made in Ore got a big name today through a mini game from Masahiro Sakurai. You might be familiar with Sakurai through his design and directoral work on Smash Bros. and Kirby. He's also director of Nintendo's mysterious new Project Sora.

Sakurai's game is titled "Issen." This simple game has players tap the screen in order to slice two bouncing objects. This must be done with good timing, when the objects line up along a horizontal line that slices the screen.

You can see a video of Sakurai making the game at the Touch-DS.jp site.

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In the video, Sakurai first jokes that this game would appear to be the first Project Sora's title. He then goes about the creation process, beginning first with rough drawings of what he saws will be a watermelon, then moving on to a simple silhouette-style background. After running a test using rough assets, he goes on to polish the artwork, recalling his work in doing the sprite graphics for the original Kirby.

In closing comments, he notes that he made the game in 2 hours or so, but he wanted to spend more time adding more elements to it.

Issen can be downloaded to Made in Ore starting today.

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