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This Year's Tokyo Game Show Key Visual is So Energetic!

Do colorful ghosts emerge from your game system when you power up?


The official English language slogan for this year's Tokyo Game Show was previously announced to be "Game: It's so Energetic." Today, show organizer CESA shared the key visual to match the slogan.

Here's the visual, in English and Japanese varieties:

According to a statement from CESA, the image represents a game system power button, as represented by the power logo, being turned on, unlocking fun, interesting things, and energetic power into the world, as represented by the silhouettes.

TGS will be held this year from September 24 through September 27. The first two days are press and business partners only, with the last two days opening up to the public. CESA expects 180,000 attendees and exhibits from 170 companies.

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