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More Made in Ore Downloads

Nintendo offers up a ton of new game content from user submissions.


I already posted details on the Made in Ore mini-game from Masahiro Sakurai (of Smash Bros. and Kirby fame). It turns out that this was just one of a whole slew of downloadable games that hit the mini-game maker yesterday.

Joining the first Project Sora project are a two new entries in the "Almost Weekly Game" series: Drive Go and Digital Dokei (Digital Clock).

The two new mini games from Nintendo.

Nintendo also made available the winners of its first submission contest. As previously detailed, the theme for the first contest, held between April 29 and May 11, was School. I was expecting Nintendo to pick the top five and share them with the world. How many did they actually release? Try 48!

The School themed downloads will be available until June 23.

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