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Nintendo planning post E3 presser for Japan

Getting my headband ready.

Coming to Japan in less than a month!

Rumor has it that Nintendo will be holding a big press conference here in Japan immediately following E3.

Actually, this isn't really a rumor. The source is the Sinobi blog -- you know, the blog that always gives out the super early sales information on Fridays. It seems to be a pretty reliable source.

The press conference is mentioned as an aside as the writer discusses how absolutely atrocious the Japanese game market was in May. The writer suggests that Nintendo could end up showing its summer lineup.

That summer lineup will presumably be lead by Wii Sports Resort.

The blog post was made on the 27th, by the way. I really need a new "Two Days Late" tag for all the stories I write two days late. (In the interest of obsessively crediting websites, I found the story at N-Wii.net via Game Jouhou!).

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