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Square Enix Unveils Game Without a Name Sequel

Twice the fun, twice the fear!


Square Enix's mystery teaser site (no, not this one) revealed itself today to be the expected sequel to 2008's Nanashi no Game. Titled Nanashi no Game Me, the DS horror adventure is due for release on August 27, priced at 5,040 yen.

The name of the sequel translates to "Game Without a Name: Eye." Despite the addition of the "Eye" to the game, Square Enix is retaining many of the concepts of the original for the sequel, including the basic Ring-like story concept where those who play a particular cursed game are destined to die within one week unless they clear the game.

The story for the sequel kicks off from the same college setting of the original. You play as a student who's so fond of one of his teachers that he ends up getting himself signed up with the teacher's occult circle. This is where everything starts, as your cell phone ends up taking delivery of the game which is rumored to have killed people in the past.

Players once again alternate between two play styles.

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When playing the game's adventure sequences, where you seek out clues to the nature of the curse, you hold the DS in book form and view the action in first person from the perspective of the main character. The left and right screens represent the views out of your left and right eyes. Control is through the stylus and d-pad, with the stylus used for controlling your viewpoint.

The "Eye" of the title appears to come from the left screen. Through the left screen, you'll apparently see what shouldn't be there, things you don't want to see, and things you shouldn't see.

The adventure gameplay.

When playing the cursed game, you hold the DS in standard form, with all the action taking place on the top screen. You have to progress to certain points in the cursed game in order to return to the real world. Things you do in the cursed game world affect the real world in a variety of ways.

For the sequel, Square Enix has prepared two cursed games. Joining the overhead RPG of the original is a side scrolling action game. Both are totally retro.

Cursed 2D RPG!
Cursed 2D Platformer!

Sounds like two time the fun, and with the new viewing system, two times the fear!

See the game's official site for more details, including a look at the characters.

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