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Date Set For Kingdom Hearts Coded

The next next Kingdom Hearts in one week! Plus, more ways to have fun with 358/2 Days!


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days at long last hits retail tomorrow. Actually, make that today! As this article is being written, it's 1:00am early Saturday morning, meaning stores will likely begin opening up their special Kingdom Hearts registers (special registers are guaranteed for this one!) in 7 to 9 hours depending on the outlet.

The point is, the DS installment in the Kingdom Hearts series is finally out. And what better a way to celebrate than with... another Kingdom Hearts game?

Famitsu.com revealed in a midnight update today that Kingdom Hearts Coded will follow the 358/2 Days release closely as it makes it out on June 3! That's right, the game went from no release date to an exact release date just like that!

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See the Famitsu.com story for more screens.

The Famitsu report is a bit unclear on the matter, but it appears that only the first chapter of the game will be available on the 3rd. It's being priced at a flat fee of 315 yen. Subsequent chapters are scheduled to go for 525 yen.

The game will be compatible with docomo "PRIME series" P-01A level phones. I switched to iPhone long ago, so I'm going to have to claim ignorance in this area. Check with your nearest city council member to determine if your phone can play Coded.

Outside of the Coded release date, there are a couple of other pieces of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days content to get excited about. These are totally free and will work on your PC.

First up is the opening of a Square Enix Members site for the game. This site appears to serve as somewhat of a fan club for the game. You can set up a "status," inputting your play time, level, current location, most used character, and previously played KH games; write your very own play diary, complete with image attachments; post questions in a Question Plaza when you're stuck in the game; and form internal fan clubs with leaders.

The site also offers a greeting card service which lets you send electronic Kingdom Hearts greeting cards to a friend's e-mail address.

Those who pick up a copy of the game and enter their serial code at the Square Enix Members site will find themselves entered into a contest for one of five signed poster. Those who register a status with the site will be entered into a drawing for one of 50 original straps.

The second piece of free and easy-to-access KH content is the latest mega update at the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days official site.

From what I can tell, most of the areas of the site are now complete, although there's now an "EXTRA" section that looks a little something like this:

Secret characters, eh? Hey Squenix! Next time you want to keep them secret, how about not putting them in the trailers!

Anyhow... you can now see lengthy battle clips of the "secret" characters at the official site.

Something to presumably hold fans over while they wait for stores to open in a few hours!

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