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Resident Evil 5 Tops 5 Million

Xbox 360 and PS3 version becomes best selling title in series history.

Main characters Chris and Sheeva in Resident Evil 5.

Worldwide shipments of Resident Evil 5 have crossed the five million mark, Capcom announced today.

This feat makes the critically acclaimed PS3 and Xbox 360 entry the highest selling RE title to date, the company said, surpassing the 4.96 million of 1998's PlayStation Resident Evil 2.

As usual, the company did not share platform breakdowns. Regional breakdowns for the 4.4 million units shipped last year were provided in Capcom's fiscal report last month.

First released to Japan on March 5 and North America and Europe the following week, RE5 quickly became the fastest selling title in series history. A couple of days after the Western release, Capcom announced that the title had topped the four million mark in worldwide shipments.

RE5 was Capcom's biggest selling game for the previous fiscal year. Recently, company representatives said that the game could end up selling a total of six or seven million units.

Capcom's press release on RE5's sales success also made note of success for the iPhone/iPod touch version of Resident Evil Degeneration. Following its worldwide release on May 12, the title reached rank one at Apple's domestic iTunes Store. The company also cited high rankings overseas as well.

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