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Jaleco Counts Down to Destruction

Company planning reboot for next week.


Jaleco is the latest publisher to catch countdown fever. Only its countdown site may have more symbolic meanings outside of the inevitable game that gets announced.

Visit the Jaleco official site< and you're greeted to a flash animation listing the company's game catalogue from 1985 on. This ends with the phrase "Overture to Destruction."

Wait a bit, and you're taken to a scene of stormy skies and the Jaleco corporate headquarters (which I have a feeling isn't actually that big!) apparently on the way to its destruction. The countdown will reach 0 on June 8 at 17:00.

Dengeki Online reports today that the countdown is for a new project that Jaleco says will take it back to its origins as "Jaleco the Game Maker." The content of this project will be revealed following the end of the countdown.

Jaleco Holdings sold off its Jaleco games business to Game Yaro earlier this year. The "Jaleco" company still exists and now lists itself as a 100% subsidiary of Game Yaro.

Following the buyout, Jaleco released Ougon no Kizuna for Wii. Despite much pre-release hype due to some of the names involved in its development, that game was was panned by critics.

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