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Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Info Coming in July

Pokemon Fest to feature special corner for upcoming DS remakes.


Wondering when you'll get your next dose of Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver? Pokemon (the company -- not the creature) has provided the answer.

The company shared details this past Friday on the upcoming Pokemon Festa 2009 event. One of the big draws of the event is sure to be the Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver corner which will offer the latest information and video of the remakes.

Pokemon Fest 2009 will hit four locations from July through September. The event kicks off in Osaka from July 19 through July 22, then continues to Fukuoka from July 25 through July 26, then Yokohama from August 8 through August 16, with a finish in Sapporo from September 12 through September 13. Each day will consist of morning and afternoon showings, each allowing for 4,500 visitors (3,800 for the Sapporo venues). For a fun home project, kids, try figuring out how many total visitors that comes to.

Participants will get to try out five different attractions, get access to the latest Pokemon goods sales, and, of course, see the latest on Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

This is a paid event. Admission to the Osaka, Fukuoka and Yokohama events cost 1,000 yen, with Sapporo a bit cheaper at 800 yen (the reason for the lower price is that the Sapporo event will lack the Pokemon Photo Smile attraction due to space restrictions). The fee does not include attraction use.

Everyone who attends will get an original Pokemon Festa 2009 bottle holder.

The free water bottle holder (left) and various paid goods.

For more details, including registration procedures, see the offiical Pokemon site.

While Pokemon says this event will offer the latest info on the new DS remakes, it's usually the case that such information is shared in advance through comic magazines or Famitsu. Be on the lookout in the days leading up to July 19.

Pokemon has shared little on the Pokemon remakes aside from the logos.

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