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Kojima Countdown Ends

Metal Gear Sold Rising formally announced. E3 special site hints at more to come.


Were you expecting the Kojima Productions teaser site to end with something dramatic? Maybe a new Flash animation so intense that it makes your MacBook literally explode?

I was expecting just that, and ran a backup just in case. Instead, I got this:

It took me about 30 minutes of waiting and refreshing to successfully reach the above site. Yes, Kojima Productions destroyed the internet.

As shown above, the teaser URL bounces you to a special E3 site for Kojima Productions. Select your preferred language, and you get something that looks like this:

[end_p text="Click for more on the Kojima Productions teaser site" /]

The Metal Gear Solid Rising banner in the right screen grab just takes you to a clear shot of the Raiden concept art and logo:

The Hideo Channel tape opens a browser window to the Hideo Kojima blog. The "Mask? Who Are you" banner takes you to that mysterious mask site. As I'm sure many have suspected, the Mask game is probably something unrelated to the new Metal Gear Solid game.

Better than what's at the site now is what's not at the site now. There's clearly space for more games. Perhaps the original teaser site was actually teasing multiple games? Perhaps Kojima will be tapping more people on the shoulder at the coming press conferences?

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