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Virtual On Twin Sticks Update Could Come this Weekend

Plus, find out how much money Sega spent on advertisements for the 360 port.


Team VOOT is continuing to keep its fans up to date on the state of its Xbox 360 Twin Stick peripheral developments. The latest post at the Virtual On blog begins with "We're at the point where we're counting the seconds. The final countdown has at last started. We may be able to provide an update this weekend."

While not actually specified, it's pretty clear that the writer, Virtual On producer Toru Murayama, is referring to the highly anticipated peripheral.

That's all there is about the peripheral in the latest update, but interested parties should definitely check back over the weekend.

Everything else in the post is a look at the recently released issue of Famitsu Xbox 360. But before previewing the issue, Murayama reflected on the importance of magazine and website articles for the 360 version of VOOT. The reason? Apparently, Sega's budget for advertising and promotions for the game was exactly 0 yen!

That's right. If you've been searching for Oratan print ads to add to your collection, you might as well stop right now!

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