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Sega releasing Pole's Big Adventure t-shirt

A game worth dressing yourself in.


Pole's Big Adventure is WiiWare done right. It's simple, cheap, and provides so many laughs that you'll want to show it off to your friends -- gamer and non-gamer.

While Nintendo doesn't share WiiWare sales figures, it appears that the game is doing good. It's consistently in the service's top 10 popularity ranking.

An even better sign of success? Themed apparel!

These two Pole's Big Adventure t-shirts were released today by ClubT. They're 100% cotton and sell for 2,940 yen each.

The top one is the light yellow Pole T-shirt. Its front says "T-shirt," so people will know at a glance that you're wearing a t-shirt. Recommended uses include as a gift, as competitive wear, and as nightwear.

Man... what I wouldn't give to have my girlfriend wear a Pole t-shirt every night!

The bottom shirt is the natural colored Shibaken T-shirt, themed around one of the game's "boss" characters. The front of the shirt has a dog house and food tray.

These can be purchased through Super Channel.

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