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SD Gundam G Generation Wars Dated

Gundam super deformed style on Wii and PS2 this summer


If you like your Gundam super deformed style, you'd better set aside some time this summer for the latest entry in the SD Gundam G Generation series.

SD Gundam G Generation Wars will arrive on both PS2 and Wii on August 6, Namco Bandai announced today. Both versions will sell for 7,329 yen.

This latest entry in the G Generation offers the expected strategy battles, but adds a new "Wars Break" system. During battle, clearing a condition called a Wars Trigger results in a Wars Break, which brings out added allied forces from different eras to support you.

Outside of the new gameplay system, the game promises a huge number of classic Gundam units -- over 700 pulled from more than 30 series. You can see a list with screens and artwork at the official site

In addition to the date, Namco Bandai shared today details on the game's pre-order bonus. Order in advance, and you'll get the tentatively named G Generation Wars Players Bible. This limited edition book details the series that feature in the game.

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