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Gran Turismo's Kazunori Yamauchi on PSP go and Cockpit Views

The producer of gaming's biggest driving series speaks out.

Polyphony appears to be holding nothing back for the PSP version of Gran Turismo.

I posted a summary/translation earlier of E3 interview sessions conducted by members of the Japanese press with Gran Turismo series producer Kazunori Yamauchi. I've managed to find a few more points of interest by taking another look at the Japanese sources.

Gpara's interview provided some hints that there could be an additional view coming for the game.

The site asked Yamauchi if the PSP installment recreates the cars internals. "They're not recreated," responded Yamauchi. "We have the cockpit view and the high angle view, but we're looking into whether or not we can include the view in between those."

The Gpara report appears to assume that Yamauchi is referring to a view where the car's insides are seen, although given that he states the full cars internals aren't recreated, at the very best we could probably expect something at pre-GT5 levels.

Inside Games' interview went off on somewhat of a tangent as the site asked Yamauchi for his opinion of the the new PSP go hardware.

"This is extremely abstract," responded Yamauchi, "but looking at functionality and internals, it's an extremely Sony-like product, . I believe it's clearly different from Apple."

Discussing specific features, he said, "I believe the screen is the best thus far [in comparison to past PSP models]. Ghosting is the best, at the level of the PSP-3000."

"It's also the best for control latency," he added, although he apparently wants even better latency handling from Sony's screen designers -- even the Bravia team.

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