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Dream Club Will Have Busses

D3 reveals promotional plans for upcoming hostess club sim.


D3 Publisher is apparently going all out for the 2,000 unit sales it will get for Xbox 360 hostess club simulator Dream Club.

The company's promotional plans were revealed on this promo flier:

Let's see.... We have magazine coverage from May through September (with the game having apparently reached the number one most-wanted spot amongst Gemaga's completely pathetic reader base). July will see the start of posters, cut-outs, standing signs and pre-order dummy jackets at retail.

And what's this? An ad bus for Akihabara and Osaka's Nihonbashi in August?

Wow! Imagine this:

With this:

The flier also reveals that download content for the game will kick off in mid August. That was totally unexpected.

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