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Dream Club Needs a Natal Patch

Things you can do with a controller that you really should be doing with a camera.


I didn't care too much for Dream Club when I played it at Microsoft's Spring Xbox 360 press conference back in April.

But even I will admit one thing. Dream Club might be pretty neat if D3 were to give it a Natal patch.

Natal would work wonders with this scene:

In this scene, you're given the chance to touch Reika.

Why would she let you do that?

Screenshots prior to the above indicate that you're out with Reika on a date, apparently at a bowling ally (yes, they do have bowling allies here in Japan -- and they're impeccably clean!). Reika says to you, "Check it out. These are my slender, flexible arms. They're my charm point. Would you like a touch? Ha ha ha. Just today."

You think to yourself, "I'm at best allowed to touch her shoulders. But I'd probably like to touch some other places too."

[end_p text="The exciting conclusion, along with love games, after the jump" /]

This brings up the game's touch system, which appears only under certain conditions during your dates. You move a cursor around the screen, freely choosing where you'd like to touch.

I imageine this will always be the reaction if you try to touch a forbidden zone:

You use the analogue stick to control the pointer, so the benefits of Natal are obvious here.

But some areas of the game might make you want to put some protective covering on your television were Natal functionality added.

Back in the hostess club, while speaking with the girls, you get to play games with them.

There's the Omurice Love game. Omurice is one of those curiosities of Japanese cuisine that does everything wrong but somehow manages to taste oh so right. Take an omelette. Stuff it with rice and other stuff, and draw neat little patterns on top of it with ketchup. That's Omurice, and it tastes so good.

In Dream Club, you get to apply the ketchup.

Apparently, you're supposed to write your counterpart's name out, as is being done in the above shots with Riho.

There's also something called Age Age Gousen. I don't know what that translates to, but it's basically a drink off with the girl, using the left analogue stick to tilt the cup.

This is one of the horribly implemented games I played during the demo session at the Microsoft conference. If I recall correctly, you have to time your sips so that you don't get too drunk, as indicated by a drunkenness meter. The girl also gets drunk.

She ends up praising you. "O-nii-chan Sugoi-Ya." This is a statement that cannot possibly be translated into English (actually, it means "You're amazing, big brother" ... although she's saying big brother not in the family way, nor in the black way, but in the I might let you look up my skirt later way... it's an Asian thing).

Finally, we come to Chocolate Love. This is where Natal and a screen guard would truly elevate Dream Club into near acceptability.

Chocolate Love is like that game you play with someone where you both eat at opposite sides of a Pocky stick and either try to kiss or try to avoid kissing your partner.

In Dream Club, the sticks aren't called Pocky. They're just a "long, thin chocolate candy."

Riho gets closer and closer and...

I have no idea how this actually ends... but give me my Natal support D3 and I will buy your game.

Click here for 85 screenshots of Dream Club.

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