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Idol Master SP Download Content Round 5 Revealed

Manga artist Takuya Fujima designs a costume. Furu Furu Future makes a return.


There's more Idol Master SP download content on the way, virtual Ps! Catalogue 5 hits tomorrow (June 10), offering the usual mix of dress-up items and songs.

The following items are included:

  • Sweet Break Girl: Clothing, ¥1,000
  • King of Pearl 360: Clothing, ¥500
  • Candy Ribbon: Accessory, ¥200
  • Heart Candy: Accessory, ¥200
  • Hiyoko Glove: Accessory, ¥200
  • Candy Ankle: Accessory, ¥200
  • Idoler Azusa's Fortune: ¥300
  • Furu Furu Future: Song, ¥150 per character

The key point of interest is the ¥1,000 Extend clothing accessory. Sweet Break Girl was designed by manga artist Takuya Fujima.

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This month's Idoler episode is the second for SP following last month's start. The story centers on "Azusa's Fortune," which tells your fortune for the day if you answer three questions.

Furu Furu Future is, as with all songs, available for each character. It was previously sung by Miki in the Master Artist soundtrack series and featured in 360's Idol Master Live For You!.

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