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Star Ocean Blue Sphere Looks Just Slightly Better Now

How does the mobile remake compare to the Game Boy Color original? Find out here.


Star Ocean Blue Sphere hit iPhone as scheduled yesterday. Square Enix promised a remake. But how much better does it look?

This should give you somewhat of an idea:

To the left is the Game Boy Color original, released in 2001. To the right, the new mobile version, now with quality sprite work.

In addition to the obvious visual upgrades, the remake features updated sound as supervised by series composer Motoi Sakuraba, and a screen layout and controls suited for a cell phone.

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The remake appears to retain the same story as the original. Set two years after the events of Star Ocean 2, the game sees a return of Precis, Ashton, Claude, Rena, and other heroes from that game for a new adventure on the previously unexplored Planet Edifice.

Blue Sphere's battle system differs greatly from other Star Ocean games, and is often described as being closer to the Tales series. Taking place in a 2D side view, you perform combo attacks in real time.

Star Ocean fans will find many of the series' other systems. When moving about on the overhead maps, you have access to basic actions like a jump and a dash, but can also perform 24 character-specific Field Actions like swimming, slashing a whip, and shooting a gun. You'll also find Private Actions, which give you a better look into each character's world, and an Item Create system that's set up like mini games.

It's too bad that this is a cell phone game since only losers play cell phone games. But perhaps Square Enix will bring it over to another platform in the future.

For a closer look at the game, including some wallpapers, check out the official site.

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