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A slightly slim lineup this week on WiiWare. Nintendo's download service takes delivery today of just two titles, one of which isn't really a game.

The non-game is Game Sound Station. As detailed here two weeks back, Game Sound Station, is a streaming music service from Gust. The product offers streaming CDs of music from select game titles -- mostly product from Gust (who doesn't actually have any Wii games). To use the service, in addition to the 1,000 WiiPoints listener app, you need to purchase time-based tickets which give you unlimited access to over 1,000 tracks for a fixed period of time.

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The game is Peakvox Escape Virus. In this 500 WiiPoint overhead action game from Fan Unit, you take control of a cute DNA and attempt to flee from attacking viruses. As you move about, you build up your DNA into a long strain. The game offers Wi-Fi Connection rankings.

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