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Wii Sports Resort Compatible with Wii Contest Channel

Nintendo reveals a few surprises as it begins its retail push.

Wii Sports Resort and Wii Motion Plus hit on June 25.

Wii Sports Resort is notable both as the sequel to the best selling game of all time and as the debut game (here in Japan at least) for Wii Motion Plus. It's also, it seems, the second phase of Shigeru Miyamoto's "Island Initiative."

But there's also another point of interest for the game, as discovered yesterday by Inside Gamer. According to the site, dummy boxes for Resort have started appearing in shops ahead of the June 25 release. The back of the boxes list compatibility not only with Wii Motion Plus, but with Wii Connect24 as well.

Looking a bit more closely at the box, the site found that Wii Connect24 is used for data exchanges with the Mii Contest Channel. It appears that Miis from the Contest Channel will appear in the game as opponents and spectators.

Inside Games also reports that, according to the dummy boxes, you will not be able to play Resort without Wii Motion Plus. Better pick up a few extras for your other Wiimotes! They're only ¥1,500 (about three Whoppers here).

In addition to the surprisingly intelligent Wii Sports Resort dummy boxes, Nintendo has started posting retail pamphlets for Wii Motion Plus. I managed to pick up a sample from my local Tsutaya and scanned it in:

The pamphlet mirrors Nintendo's teaser site for Wii Motion Plus, with shots from a stop motion camera studio used to show... well, to be honest, I never totally understood what they were trying to show with the stop motion camera.

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