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Dead or Alive hits iPhone

It's not quite a fighter, but at least it has Kasumi!


The Dead or Alive series made its way to the iPhone/iPod touch platform today. Mobile gamers can download the new app for 450 yen.

Wondering how in the world someone makes a 3D fighter using a touch screen? Well keep on wondering, because the iPhone version of Dead or Alive is not a 3D fighter.

Titled DOA BlackJack: The Kasumi Version, this app has you challenge DOA heroine Kasumi to black jack. The game makes use of touch controls, allowing you to hit with a tap, stand with a slide, and split by stretching. (Those moves are for the cards, by the way.)

Hmm... it appears that you can make Kasumi easy.

There also appears to be plenty of Kasumi eye candy. An album offers Kasumi images that are unlockable with money that you've earned in the main card mode. By winning matches, you'll be able to unlock a costume change mode.

DOA BlackJack Kasumi Version is available now. I'm personally waiting for (the as-yet unannounced) DOA BlackJack Lei Fang Version.

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