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Just One Game in today's Game Archives Update

The service's third Carnage Heart title gets a slight price boost.


This month's first of two Game Archives updates is a little odd. Most updates include four games. Today... just one. Most games for the service, excluding those from Square Enix with the word "Final" and/or "Fantasy" in the title, cost ¥600. Today's game isn't from Square Enix and is neither Final nor Fantasy, but still manages to be priced a bit higher, at ¥800.

The loneliest game in Game Archives history is Zeus II Carnage Heart. Actually, maybe it's not so lonely, as it's the third Carnage Heart game to hit the download service.

[end_p text="Click for more on Zeus II, along with a video" /]

First released in October 1999, Zeus II follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, Zeus, but adds new features like selectable routes for your armies. "A new fight begins for the unmanned combat machine Overkill Engine on Mars, five years after the previous Zeus."

Or so the press release reads. Since this is the only Game Archive game released today, I went the extra few meters and searched for a YouTube. As a bonus, this one has mech combat strategy porn music at the end. Enjoy!

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