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Sony Shares Latest PlayStation Network Dates

Find out what's due when on PS3 and PSP.


Every Wednesday, Sony provides the press here an update on its upcoming lineup of PlayStation Network releases. Today being Wednesday, it did just that.

Sorry if you were expecting something more dramatic!

The fun kicks off tomorrow with the PSP release of Everyday Shooter at ¥800 yen. Yes, it took a few months to make the trip to Japan following its December stateside release. The PS3 version of the game was released here in May of last year.

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The 18th will see a trio of titles: Bomberman Ultra (PS3, ¥1,000), Jyuon to Diamond (PSP, ¥3,800), and Qruton (PS3/PSP, each ¥1,000). Bomberman is the first PS3 entry in the series and offers 8 player play. Jyuon to Diamond is a PSP mystery adventure game that's also getting a day-in UMD release. As for Qruton, see this story for details.

Bomberman Ultra
Jyon to Diamond

PSN will also take delivery tomorrow of a new White Knight Chronicles quest.

Those who need something now can download the latest Game Archives title, Zeus II Carnage Heart, as well as Idol Master SP's 5th batch of download content.

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