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e-Capcom Reborn as e-Capcom

Capcom's e-commerce site now more Japanesey


This is something that probably only makes sense if you know your Japanese. Capcom gave its e-Capcom commerce site a major renewal today. In addition to a new look, the site sports a new name: e-Capcom.

The new "e-Capcom" is written differently. Previously, it was written as "e-Capcom," completely in Roman characters. Now, it's written "イーカプコン," which is the Japanese katakana equivalent. English speakers can still refer to it both in writing and spoken as "e-Capcom."

Outside of the name, the site sports a new white background and promises content to keep visitors coming back, including a daily staff diary, a "Puchi Capu!" staff feature corner, a four-frame manga section, and more.

Similar to Konami's Konami Style commerce site, the e-Capcom site has established a name for itself with exclusive limited edition offerings. Resident Evil 5, for instance, saw an e-Capcom exclusive bundle that included a 32-page color art book, a BSAA waist pouch, and a 2 gigabyte USB memory card shaped like an anti virus vial.

Monster Hunter 3 will also see an e-Capcom exclusive bundle that includes a DVD with concert and making-of footage along with an as-yet undisclosed item.

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