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Capcom Details Phoenix Wright 2 Stage Adaptation

New character joins the cast.

Capcom's special site.

The next installment in Capcom's unlikely pairing of Gyakuten Saiban (aka Ace Attorney) and Takarazuka Revue is close at hand. Capcom shared final details today on the Takarazuka adaptation of Phoenix Wright Justice for All, which is known here as "Gyakuten Saiban 2 Yomigaeru Shinjitsu."

For those who haven't been keeping up with Capcom's stage dabblings, the company previously teamed up with the world renowned all-female theatrical group Takarazuka for a stage adaptation of the original Gaykuten Saiban. That went live in February and was apparently such a success that the company followed up in March with an announcement of a summer adaptation of Gyakuten Saiban 2.

The adaptation of part 2 is fully titled "Gyakuten Saiban 2 Yomigaeru Shinjutsu, Futatabi." The name basically adds an "again" or "return to" to the game's title.

As previously announced, Tomu Ranju of the gropu's Cosmos Troupe will reprise her role as Phoenix Wright. Other roles include Hiro Yuumi as Miles Edgeworth, Maira Mikaze as Lotta Hart, Jin Kazari as The Judge, Misato Harukaze as Dick Gumshoe, Eri Fujisaki as Franziska von Karma, and Rei Sumireno as Maya Fei. The theatrical version uses the game's English language character names.

Chitose Junya will play the role of Luce Areia, who appears to be a new character for the stage. Luce is a young girl from California who visits Wright's office at the request of her mother, a lawyer.

Tomu Ranju (left and center) and Chitose Junya (right>

For a closer look at this latest adaptation, see the special site Capcom set up today.

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