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Meet the Dragon Quest IX Characters

Yes, Square Enix's biggest game of 2009 does have a story with characters. Get a first look here at the supporting cast.


The post-delay silence on Dragon Quest IX at long last came to an end today. And with good timing. DQIX is due for release on July 11, meaning just one month to go.

Prior to the last minute delay in March, Square Enix was providing near weekly updates on the game. These focused mostly on the gameplay side. Today, the focus turned to story.

Previously, we were given a general background story for the game. DQIX begins in the world of angels. You happen to be an angel, whose goal is to reach the kingdom of gods by collecting Star Aura, earned through the tanks and good will of people on the ground.

Scenes from the Dragon Quest IX opening.

In typical Dragon Quest series fashion, the main character is nameless. The adventure is meant to revolve around you, and thus you play as a character you've named -- and in this case designed -- yourself.

But there is a story to the game, complete with major characters who have set names and designs as well as background stories. Previously, Square Enix introduced us to Sandy, a flying fairy with blonde hair and a deep tan who speaks like a young, bubbly girl.

Today, six additional characters joined the cast:

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A young man who appears to have a thing against the main character. But he may have a different side when you look closer.


A young girl full of worries. Screenshots show her casting a prayer towards the sea. What is the reason for this? And what secrets are hidden in her village?

Rufin and Eliza

Rufin is a young archaeologist who you encounter in a town somewhere. His words suggest that he's full of confidence. His wife is the innocent, naive Eliza. It appears that they've discovered something.


Screenshots show this young man revealing himself to be, like the main character, an outsider from a far off city, forced to his current whereabouts by his uncle. He appears to be willing to let you in on a secret that the people of his village know.


A girl who's full of mystery. She's surrounded by a mysterious air, different from the characters who have been introduced so far. Screenshots show her asking the main character for help in doing something that she cannot do on her own.

This is just a glimpse at the cast. Perhaps more characters will be revealed as Dragon Quest XI's big July 11 release approaches.

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