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These are the Shops of Nintendo's Friend Collection

Buy clothes! Check up on the virtual news! Test your love quotient -- but only between Miis of opposite sex!


I've gotten two non-spam messages since making my contact form work yesterday, and they were both about an update at Nintendo's Friend Collection official site. Katha and anonymous (who may or may not be the same person), this one's for you!

I already provided a general preview for Friend Collection last week. To recap, Friend Collection is a DS title from Nintendo that serves as a virtual space for your Miis. You can create Miis using an in-game interface, import them from your Wii, or exchange them with friends. The Miis lead a life in the game's virtual world, forming relationships, fighting, and possibly getting married. Your job is to interact with them, listening to their problems and giving them food and items which could help to further develop them.

As your Mii population increases, you'll find your town filling up with a variety of useful facilities. In the previous update, I shared details on the apartment complex, supermarket, city hall, and wish spring. Nintendo's site update contained details on the following additional locations:

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Clothing Shop
Purchase clothes and have your residents try them on before your eyes (covered up by a curtain, of course). The game offers a variety of styles, from cute to cool to cos-play. The available lineup changes every day.
Interior Shop
You can buy full interior sets here. These can be used to change the look of your residents' rooms. Some interiors will be available exclusively for certain months. Some will only be available once you've fulfilled certain conditions.
Mii News
This news program delivers the latest news on the happenings in your virtual world twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. The news caster changes between your residents.
Compatibility Test
A machine which allows you to test the compatibility for your Miis. The only requirement is that you register birthdays for the two Miis. The test is a love test for different-sex pairings but becomes a friendship test for same-sex pairings. Come on, Nintendo... it's 2009!

The game's currency, by the way, appears to be yen. It's not clear how you go about earning money, though. Also unclear is why the shop salesman has a bag on his head.

Go to the official site's facility page for screens and video clips of these shops.

Friend Collection hits the DS on the 18th.

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