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Little King's Story Gets a Date

Marvelous will indeed be giving a Japanese release to Project O.


Little King's Story took a somewhat odd development path. Although announced first in Famitsu, which offered up over one year of teaser interviews, the game somehow ended up making it out first in Australia of all places. All local coverage of the game disappeared following those first Famitsu interview pieces.

It looks like that's about to change. Marvelous Entertainment gave the game's official website somewhat of an update today with a giant notice about a final Japanese release date:

Known here as Ousama Monogatari (that's just Japanese for "King Story"), the game will arrive domestically on September 3. Pricing is set at 7,140 yen.

Marvelous promises a full renewal for the official site on June 26. Currently, the site offers an English language trailer.

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