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Final Fantasy XIII Site Updated with Shiva

Meet Styria and Nix, the official way. Coming up next: Odin.


Square Enix gave the Final Fantasy XIII official site an update today. As usual, all the information at the site has been previously shared through the likes of Famitsu and other sources, but at least now you can see it all in official, CPU-intensive Square Enix-style Flash.

New at the site is a section for "Summon." Sure enough, this section will provide a look at the game's summon spells, said to be a major part of the FFXIII experience.

Currently, only Shiva is available. Odin is listed as coming soon.

The information on Shiva has been shared in the past, but, just for fun, I'll summarize what's at the site.

Text at the site states "The great power of 'summon beast' that lay within the chosen. Snow controls the summon sisters Shiva and rises to his mission." Or something to that effect.

Shiva consists of two sisters, Styria (the dark one) and Nix (the light one). The site states that Nix makes use of her tire, which is particular capable with physical attacks.

When certain conditions are fulfilled, the two can merge to form a motorcycle, taking the game into Driving Mode. Snow mounts the bike, ending up with Nix staring him straight in the face!

How can you not punch that thing?

In Driving Mode, the game's battle system becomes more action-oriented. You directly control Snow, freely moving about the battle field, and inputting commands according to a new command menu that appears on the lower-left side of the screen.

For more specifics on the battle system, and even more specifics on FFXIII's story, see this Famitsu interview summary I did for IGN.

That interview confirmed that all the summon spells will have a driving mode. Perhaps we'll next get to see the driving form of Lightning's summon, Odin.

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