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Old Snake Joins the Fight in Metal Gear Online

New update expands Snake's role and adds new stage.


A big update awaits for Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion players today. Log on to the game, and you'll find new content, including an expanded Old Snake and Icebound Inferno as a new stage.

Old Snake has, until now, been playable exclusively under the game's Sneaking Mission rule. With the update, he's now available as a "unique character," meaning he can be used in other rules. He even brings along his OctoCam.

Icebound Inferno is set in Shadow Moses, a latter area from the MGS4 story. This stage is covered in snow, and it appears that the strength of the snowfall will change with time as you play.

Outside of this bonus content, the update adds a Reward Match at random when you select auto match. Reward Matches give you increased rewards over normal play.

Old Snake is more active than ever.
Icebound Inferno (left and center) and Reward Match (right).

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