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Sega: Just 1,500 Twin Stick Pre-orders Needed

Dream peripheral may have a chance.

Flier for the Twin Sticks EX device.

How many people are crazy enough to spend more than the price of a console on a peripheral to improve the play experience of a $15 download title?

At the very least, we'll find out if the number is above 1,500. According to a post today at the Virtual On blog, that's the approximate number of orders required to send the recently announced Twin Sticks peripheral into production.

As detailed earlier in the week, the Twin Sticks EX peripheral is being made available by Hori to Xbox 360 Virtual On players on a pre-order only basis. Due to the limited appeal of such a device, Hori announced that it would only take it into production if it received a certain number of pre-orders. While the company has not made a formal announcement, it looks like 1,500 is indeed the magic number.

The big catch with the Twin Sticks EX device (EDITORIAL -- aside form its extreme unsightliness -- END EDITORIAL) is its price tag. Hori is charging a tax-included price of ¥30,000, making it more than a fully equipped 360 console.

Let's see how deep the Virtual On community's pockets run.

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