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Magna Carta 2 Gets Special Faceplate

Only for those who buy the game with Xbox 360 hardware.

Xbox 360's big summer RPG.

Microsoft's gift of choice for Xbox 360 exclusive RPGs appears to be faceplates. Tales of Vesperia got one Star Ocean got one. And now, Magna Carta 2 will be getting one.

Namco Bandai and Microsoft announced today a purchase campaign that will reward buyers of the upcoming RPG with a special faceplate. The only catch: you have to buy the game with an Xbox 360 system.

Those who purchase an Xbox 360 system of any form along with a copy of Magna Carta 2 will get the faceplate handed to them at point of purchase.

Check with retailers first to make sure they'll be offering this.

Magna Carta 2 hits on August 6.

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