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Friend Collection: The Pamphlet

More on Nintendo's Mii virtual world just ahead of tomorrow's release.


It's expected to be this week's number one seller! I'm going to buy it! You're going to buy it! Everyone is going to buy it!

But before buying it, let's take a look at a pamphlet for Friend Collection that Nintendo has been circulating at retailers.

First, some background. Friend Collection is a new DS game that allows you to interact with your Miis in new ways. These are the same Miis that you made on your Wii. In addition to beaming your Wii Miis over to your DS via Wi-Fi, you can also make new Miis through a Mii editor built right into the game.

In Friend Collection, your Miis take on a life of their own, moving about a virtual space and interacting with one-another. As you look on from a god perspective, you'll see your Miis fight, fall in love, break up, and even get married.

For details on what you can do in the game, see these stories:

The Friend Collection retail pamphlet does something very right:

[end_p text="Click for more from the Friend Collection pamphlet" /]

The hot nurse on the front and featured throughout the pamphlet is Yuka. You'll recall that Yuka is the game's image girl, and appears in the commercials.

Yuka's Mii is the third one from the right -- the one with the pink shirt. Surrounding her are celebrity Miis: from left to right, Nishikawa Sensei, Banana Man Himura, Akko-san, The Tacchi's Takuya-san, and The Tacchi's Kazuya-san.

Just a warning, these celebrity Miis do not actually appear in the game.

This page provides a general introduction to the game.

This page shows the Mii creation process. You can set up a voice, a physical appearance, and even a personality for your Miis. There are 16 personality variations, affecting how your Miis behave.

You can store up to 100 Miis in the game. As mentioned above, in addition to creating Miis directly in the DS game, you can send your Miis over from the Wii.

This page shows the celebrity Miis going about their daily business.

Among the revelations:

  • The Miis all have their own likes and dislikes when it comes to food.
  • By giving a bath set to a Mii, the Mii will take a bath while whistling.
  • The Miis will invite you to play games with them -- things like cards.
  • You can input a text phrase and the Mii will say it back to you with emotion.
  • You can force the Miis to have strange dreams.

The page to the left shows how the Miis interact with one-another. Above, we see Akko-san trying to confess her love to Himura. You get to give her advice on how and where to make the confession. Below, we see a variety of Mii interactions: being friendly, breaking up, fighting, playing, and getting married.

The page to the right shows Yuka being so so cute as she says "Good Luck, Akko-san!"

This last page shows the some the shops and facilities that you'll find in the game. I already wrote about most of the shops listed in the pamphlet. The bubble in green shows a new one: a recruiting agency that finds the perfect job for your Mii.

It looks like Friend Collection is going to truly bring life to your Miis, both new and old. Look for it in shops on June 18 at the lower-than-usual price of ¥3,800.

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