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Tecmo and Koei Plan Crossover Titles

Dead or Alive Musou? Romance of the Three Ninjas?


Whenever game companies merge, people always speculate about the possibilities for franchise crossovers. Koei and Tecmo just merged. So... where's our Dynasty Bowl?

Gigazine reports today that a crossover title for the newly merged Tecmo Koei could be in the works.

The summer edition of The Nikkei Corporate Quarterly just saw release on Monday. The book provides basic information about 1,300 companies.

Most of the information is for investors. But for video gamers, the juicy stuff is on page 521. The page for Tecmo Koei Holdings contains the following text:

The important part is to the left: "New Games: Will release games that combine Tecmo and Koei titles. The aim is to reach fans of both."

As always with Japanese sources, it's tough to tell if this refers to a single title or multiple titles. Whatever the case, Ninja's Ambition may no longer be just a dream.

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