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Latest Mainichi Issyo Update Has Flowers, Chickens, and Afros

New download content for Toro's portable sandbox title.


Mainichi Issyo Portable players, start your Wi-Fi! It's time for this month's big download update.

Sony made available yesterday an update and a set of items for the PSP version of its free sandbox whatchamacallit title.

The update adds in a bunch of flowers that you can raise in your garden. I'd translate the names for some of them, but I have a penis.

New cosplay items include Little Chic, which offers some sort of wing flapping mini game where you try to make Toro fly.

I'm not sure if this one is new, but the Mainichi Issyo page also shows an Afro costume, which puts Toro in a purple fro and Saturday Night disco suit for a mini game called "Afro de Dance."

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