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Sega Details Valkyria Chronicles Download Content

Round three hits next week, focuses on Eddy.


Sega made formal announcement today of its next set of download content for Valkyria Chronicles.

On June 26, players will have access to "Challenge from Edy's Squad." Different from the scenario-focused past download content, this update will consist of six challenges made to the player by Edy Nelson's Squad. The challenges give you a variety of tasks, from saving stranded allies to wiping out invading foes.

The 81 megabyte download can be yours for ¥300. To access the content, you'll need to have your copy of the game updated to version 1.2.

This is the third round of download content for the critically acclaimed genre blender. Round two, focused on the character of Selvaria Bles, was released back in October.

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