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One More Bonus Item For Monster Hunter 3

The real hunter (of swag) has no place to go but e-Capcom.


Capcom has been pretty secretive about its plans for the e-Capcom Limited Edition version of Monster Hunter 3. But that changed today with a full unveiling of the special package.

As detailed earlier in the month, Monster Hunter 3 will be available in a variety of packages. In addition to the standard software-only edition, buyers will be able to opt for a Classic Controller Pro bundle and a Wii bundle.

There's a fourth option too. As usual, Capcom will be making a special limited edition version of the game available exclusively through its newly redesigned e-Capcom direct sales site. The e-Capcom version was originally announced to include a DVD, a monster head figure (included with all versions of the game) and an unspecified item.

That unspecified item got specified today. Joining the monster head figure that everyone gets will be an e-Capcom exclusive glow-in-the-dark figure for the Ragiakurus monster. According to Capcom, the glow effect is meant to resemble Ragiakurus's lightning attack.

All these goodies will come in a special box.

As previously announced, pricing is set at ¥9,440 yen. To make the purchase, see e-Capcom.

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