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DSi Ware Simple Series Doesn't Have Simple Pricing

D3 announces new DSi Ware and Wii Ware titles.


D3 has brought its Simple series of budget titles to just about every platform out there, usually with unique branding for each system. For WiiWare, the games were branded "@Simple Series." Today, D3 announced a DSi Ware version of the series, imaginatively branded Simple DSi Ware Series.

Simple DSi Ware will kick of in July with The Misshitsu Kara no Dasshutsu, or "Escape From the Secret Room." This is just a DSi version of D3's Dasshutsu series, which most recently appeared as Vol.45 of the the Simple DS Series. The DSi version retains the control of that title and allows you to save wherever you like and make hand written memos. A total of 3 stages are available for play.

Joining Misshitsu Kara no Dasshutsu in July will be Vol.4 of D3's @Simple Series for WiiWare. This one is titled "The Judo." You make use of the Wiimote and Nunchuck to control your left and right arms as you fight in the first person. The game offers 20 combatants, online rankings, and a practice mode. Two players can get in on the action through vertical split screen.

While the Simple series games are known for being priced lower than standard games, the limited range of prices for WiiWare and DSiWare presumably makes this an impossibility here. Look for Misshitsu Kara no Dasshutsu at 500 DSi Points and The Judo at 700 Wii Points.

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