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More Tales of Vesperia Bonus Content

Monsters, new areas and pre-order bonuses await PS3 buyers.


Namco Bandai continues to find additional exclusives for buyers of the PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia. The latest update, revealed in Famitsu on Friday and, today, through Famitsu.com offers a peak at new monsters and missions as well as some bonus content for pre-orderers and Tales of VS buyers.

Famitsu provides a first look at a new "Giganto Monster," the name the game gives to big battle foes. This one is set in a forest and looks like it could offer some rare goods to players who win.

Joining the new monsters are new areas of play. Previously, Namco Bandai has shared a look at smaller PS3-exclusively areas. The latest pics at Famitsu.com show larger scale areas, including a new dungeon and a new desert setting.

New monsters and areas await.

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Namco Bandai has some extra special bonuses on the way for the most hardcore of Tales fans.

Those who pre-order Vesperia will get a product code that can be input into the PlayStation Store to download Tales of the Abyss-style costumes. Why Abyss? Because the Vesperia team consists primarily of members of the Abyss team.

There's a bonus on the way for Tales of VS buyers too. The first print runs of both VS and Vesperia will include a password. Input the Vesperia password in VS, and you'll get to try out a special battle challenge where weapons from Yuri and friends are up for rewards. Input the VS password in Vesperia, and you'll get to enjoy special skits.

Abyss costumes and a special skit.

See the Famitsu.com story for more images. Vesperia hits the PS3 on September 17 at ¥7,800.

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