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SaGa 2 Goddess of Destiny Update

All the latest details on Square Enix's DS remake of the Game Boy classic.


Square Enix gave the SaGa 2 official site a fat update on the 19th, sharing a look at new characters, gameplay systems and more. Let's explore.

Past updates have offered looks at player characters. I detailed the Human, Esper, Meka and Monster classes in a past update. Missing from those was details on one particular monster, "Slime." This creature -- presumably unrelated to the Dragon Quest foe and sometimes protagonist of the same name -- has the greatest HP of the monsters you can use initially. However, he also has the just one attack method and is weak against fire.

New at the site are details on non-player characters. Here's a look:

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The teacher who heads up classes at your school. He worries about you as you head off on your journey and joins your party at the start. You'll end up relying on him during the prologue, as you do not have weapons at the time.
The priestess at Shrine of Isis, she has great magic powers and heals the wounds of those who visit the Shrine. There's a secret behind the source of her magical powers.
Your father, who went missing during your childhood. As you head off on your journey in search of treasure, the truth behind your father's disappearance will come to light.
From left to right, Teacher, Kai, and Father.

The system area of the site offers a look at some of the gameplay systems you can look forward to in the remake. Since I haven't been keeping up on this, here's a recap of everything at the site:

Chain Encounter Battle

SaGa 2 features the Chain Encounter Battle system. When you touch enemies on the field, you go into battle. New for the DS version, when you touch one enemy, you'll drag other enemies in the vicinity into battle. You can end up with over 50 enemies in battle!

Chaining together enemy encounters.


You and your friends can combine their powers for more powerful skills. In the DS version, you can make use of an item called "Thread of Fate to unleash a special powerful Connective Skill. Over 300 such skills are included in the game.

Connecting attacks.

Scenario Synchro System

This is an evolution of the series' Free Scenario System. As detailed above, there are a variety of Thread of Fate items. Depending on the type that you use, you'll end up changing the relationship between the involved characters. Use of the item also has an effect on the game's scenario, bringing changes to sub events.

Scenario Synchro System.

Adventure Support

Two particular monsters, respectively pink and green, can assist you in the game. When you don't know what to do, you can ask the pink monster, a former pupil of your teacher, for help. The green monster, Slime Fat, will help you out by taking care of your items.

Two helpful monsters.

See the official site for streaming videos of these systems.

The download section of the site is also now home to a new blog parts section. Copy the script at the site to your blog, and you'll get something that looks like this:

That's right, you can now get that lovely violin theme song embedded on your blog! Too bad it doesn't auto play.

For more screens of SaGa 2's chain skills, Scenario Synchro System, and Chain Encounter Battle, see Famitsu.com.

SaGa 2 hits some time this Fall.

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