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DoDonPachi Gate Continues

Arika VP comments on the case. Updated version of Xbox 360 shooter to be overseen by Arika.

A whole lot of drama for an arcade shooter.

The little controversy surrounding stolen DoDonPachi source code continued to stir over the weekend. Arika Vice President Ichiro Mihara decided to share some comments on the case in a post at his blog on Saturday.

First a recap for those who haven't been keeping up. 5pb. disclosed on Friday that developer Aqua Systems had used stolen source code from the PS2 version of DoDonPachi Daioujou to develop the Xbox 360 version, DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label Extra. Cave and Arika, publishers of, respectively, the arcade and PS2 versions of the game, had been suspicious about the 360 version and had asked 5pb to look into it.

According to Mihara's blog post, Arika became certain about its suspicions on March 11. They originally thought that the 360 version was somehow emulating the PS2 version, as they saw a number of PS2-exclusive elements in the 360 version. It was only after 5pb. investigated, at Arika and Cave's request, that they learned that the issue wasn't emulation but that the 360 version had been developed based off the PS2 source code.

The source code was apparently being held by a management company of some form. Arika is currently in talks with the company about how to resolve the issue of the code being leaked out. Mihara notes that the notice from 5pb. from last week only concerns the dealing between Arika and 5pb.. Arika's dealings with the source code management company are a separate matter. However, Mihara does plan on providing an update on this area of the case once things settle down.

Normally, Arika would seek monetary damages in this situation. This, Mihara says, is the framework that society provides for such cases. However, in this case, Mihara notes that 5pb.'s CEO apologized and made the case public. He has thus been forgiven by Arika CEO Ryo Mizutani.

In fact, Arika will be helping 5pb. out. Mizutani has ordered Mihara to oversee an updated version of the 360 DoDonPachi.

Regarding that updated version, Mihara notes that while they'd like to remake the game from scratch, there are a few problems. An online patch is only allowed to be 4 megabytes in size. Additionally, there would be some issues with Achievements.

However, he asks that fans rest assured with the notice that Arika will be handling the update.

As for 5pb's other Xbox 360 shooter, Ketsui, while Mihara says that this really isn't something he should comment on, he'll do so in order to help fans be at ease. The development team for Ketsui is different from that of DoDonPachi. The reason Ketsui has been delayed is in order to bring up the quality.

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