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Capcom and Sony Offer New Monster Hunter PSP Bundles

Radiant Red and Vibrant Blue PSP-3000 bundles set for summer release.


Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (perhaps known as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite if you exist outside of Japan) is the PSP's number one attraction here, continuing to place in the top 10 and occasionally top 5 in the weekly charts despite having already crossed the 3.5 million mark in sales. So what better way to spur PSP hardware sales than with a new bundle?

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced today the PlayStation Portable New Hunters Pack. Set for release on July 23, this ¥21,000 package bundles a PSP-3000 with a copy of the PSP the Best version of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. The bundle will be offered in Radiant Red and Vibrant Blue variations, each with unique packaging themed around a particular monster from the game.

Outside of the game and packaging, these are standard PSP-3000 units and come packaged with an AC adapter and a 1200mAh battery pack.

On their own, PSP-3000 goes for ¥19,800 with MHP2G's budget version going for ¥3,140, making this a savings of nearly ¥2,000.

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